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Champagne Francis Boulard
Champagne Francis Boulard & Fille   -   13, rue de la Censé Flancourt   -   51170 Faverolles-et-Coëmy   -   France
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Since 2009 the family company Raymond Boulard no longer exists.
Francis Boulard has sailed under his own steam, with his daughter Delphine who has now taken over.

This independence has let to affirm the approach towards all organic...
... to make pure and expressive champagnes...
... closer to nature...
... with little or no dosage...

... Real Winemaker's Champagnes.



Francis Boulard Estate: Introduction to the Francis Boulard Champagne house, a new estate which nevertheless has a long history. Francis Boulard owes his love of vines from his grandfather who cultivated his small estate using natural methods, organically and following the lunar calendar.
The Vines: Characteristics of the vines of Francis Boulard champagnes. The movement towards organic cultivation goes back several years. Father and daughter are now determined to go to the logical conclusion of their organic methodology, by cultivating all their vines biodynamically.
Making Champagne: Vinification methods used to make Francis Boulard champagnes. Francis Boulard is adept at comparative vinification of individual plots. He now vinifies all his champagnes in barrels taking the lunar calendar into account.
Range of Champagnes: Francis Boulard & Fille Champagnes are Champagne wines full of character. The wines are either Brut Nature (also called "undosed Champagne", "non dosed Champagne" or "Zero dosage Champagne") or Extra-Brut (low dosage) Champagnes.

Press Reviews: Articles and Press comments on the champagnes made by Francis Boulard.
Photos: Photographic Library of Champagne vines, grapes, cellars, oak barrels, champagne bottles.
Distributors: List of wine-merchants, restaurants and distributors of the Francis Boulard Champagne.
Dosage: What is disgorging ? What is dosage?
Pink Champagne Rosé de Saignée: The two main methods of creating pink champagne.
Champagne with food: Perfect as an aperitif, the champagne is also easy to match with food.
Contact: Coordinates, address, access map and contact form.


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