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Bottle Champagne Les Rachais Rosé

Soleil Les Rachais Les Rachais

Bottle Champagne Les Rachais Rosé

Les Rachais Rosé pink champagne comes from two plots of Pinot Noir cultivated using biodynamic principles and following the lunar calendar. Absolutely no weedkillers or synthetic chemicals are used (controled by Ecocert as from 2004). This wine is made as per the "Rosé de saignée" method.
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Wine: Les Rachais Rosé 2009
Appellation : Champagne Extra Brut
Vintage: 2009
Terroir: Plot "Hurtebise/Les Rachais" in the Massif de Saint Thierry. Sandy limestone soils.
Average age of the vines: 30 years
Composition: 100% Pinot Noir
Dosage: 2 g/L Logo AB Agriculture Biologique
Certification: ECOCERT - Bio / AB certified
Bottle sizes: 75 cl bottle

Vinification :
10-12 hours maceration is given before pressing. Spontaneous fermentation with indigenous yeasts. Vinified on fine lees in old small oak barrels with "batonnage" (beating in) on "Fruit" and "Flower" days. Malo-lactic fermentation takes place. Bottled on "fruit days" of the lunar calendar. Unfined and unfiltered.

Tasting notes

Serve at 10 °C (50°F) as an aperitif, or at table with meats, poultry, and salmon. The wine shows at its best after several minutes of aeration.

Press comments
Migliori 99 guide 201819.7 /20 (2009)
Guide Exclusif Champagne 2014: 18-20 /20 "Excellence" (2005)
Revel Guide 2014:    18 /20 (2005 vintage)


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